[GSoC Weekly Overview]

This week although started great, ended becoming most unsatisfactory and least productive week of my GSoC duration!

I2C & VGA Capture

As mentioned in previous weekly overview, PCBs, have been sent for fabrication. After that I set on fixing the I2C part so that my mentor can try my bitfiles without much headache. I had purchased a logic analyser just a week back, specially for I2C debugging and, God!, it was really helpful in identifying problems in code. I fixed the I2C code and added it to VGA Capture code, thus eliminating need for any other setup for AD9984A initialization.
I also tried I2C using picoblaze, which interestingly used same resources as standalone I2C core.
Rest of the week was unproductive with respect to my project as my college has opened, and almost 4 days were lost to semester registrations, assignments,  and training conducted by Training & Placement (TnP) department.

Although, I was able to complete the 2-FIFO implementation, and simulate it. On, actual hardware, every alternate line is skipped by it on the screen, which it shouldn’t. As of writing this post, I’m currently testing the code on Atlys and trying to ascertain it reason.

Update: Just now I found out the reason for every alternate skipped lines. It was due to incorrect FIFO switching.
There is also a new weird issue. If the screen has only a background and no windows, then the video captured is very stable, but if I drag a window to the screen, the capture becomes unstable, and also some pixels are shifted! I’ll add a video of this phenomenon later today.

Upcoming Week:

I’ll be focussing on completing the code this week, so that the final week could be used for finishing touches and documentation. Also, upon receiving the PCBs, I’ll assemble and test them. They should hopefully offer better performance and color clarity than current PCB.

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