[GSoC Daily Log]: Yesss! First hints of progress!

Saturday, 7th June 2014:

  • Wrote the test HDL code for verifying VSYNC from AD9984A
  • Wrote the I2C Setup code in python on BeagleBoneBlack
  • Set up the test-setup:
    • Using custom generated VGA 1024*768 @60Hz from another FPGA board.
    • Ran the I2C initialization program.
    • Connected the VGA signal
    • HURRAY! :) Atlys LEDs array are counting up every second. Test program was to increment the counter every 60 VSYNC pulses (Since, freq.is 60Hz). SUCCESS! A major milestone!
  • Observations:
    • VSYNC pulses are getting correctly detected. Next job HSYNC and Pixel-Clock
    • The AD9984A IC is getting heated up *quite-a-bit*, considerably hot! Maybe due to absence of thermal pad beneath the IC or maybe some defect. Can’t measure current consumption when the expansion board is connected to Atlys using VHDCI connector.
    • Thinking of adding a heat sink to the AD9984A IC to prevent any damage to it. This heating up of IC is worrying me much!
    • Datasheet say that register 0x2E must be written with value 0xE0, but on writing it with 0xE0 and then reading it back it returns 0x20. Peculiar situation! It is only a test register, but will have to assess in future, if this affects any working of the IC.

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3 Responses to [GSoC Daily Log]: Yesss! First hints of progress!

  1. Not all registers are read/write. With 0x2E it might be two different registers one read only, one write only?

  2. You probably want to figure out what is going on with the heat wize. Would probably be a good idea to add a jumper on Rev2 board which allows you to measure current.

    1. Yeah, this feature goes on my Improvements List for the next revision of Expansion Board



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