[GSoC Daily Log]: Oversampling & some (failed) adventure!

Thursday, 26th June 2014:

  • Once again tried oversampling with a 4x clock of  pixel clock. Good results this time. Had previously tried with 10x clock. It doesn’t work but 4x clock works better.
  • Oversampling resulted in comparatively better capture.
  • Identified HSYNC (ie HSOUT) as the main culprit which results in flickering  and screen going blank.
  • Tried integrating the current into HDMI2USB. Integrating although was successful, the output on screen as well as USB(mplayer) was garbled in VGA mode, but normal in other modes.  Sometimes v4l2 showed timeout. So, I guess,  I have to perfect the capturing first before trying it with HDMI2USB.

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