[GSoC Daily Log]: Messy capture? Sync/clock issue?

Wednesday, 18th June 2014:

  • Testing VGA Capture:
    • Infinite errors it seems. Totally drained out removing them. Sigh!
    • Once again, I flipped the code such that when the video *should* be displayed it is not displayed, instead it is ‘displayed’ in the front-porch/back-porch/sync-pulse pulse time, when one cannot see it. Big #Facepalm
    • Had to resolve the r,g,b outputs getting trimmed due to cascaded rising_edge statements. Took 3 hours to find the problem.
    • Finally, atleast something on the screen. Not the exact frame expected, but atleast can confirm that AD9984A is working fine.
    • From the video shown below, one can see that this maybe due to sync and clock issues. I think I know the problem


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2 Responses to [GSoC Daily Log]: Messy capture? Sync/clock issue?

  1. What does the source image look like here?

  2. It is color bars alternating every second...in this video alternating color every second can be observed.



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