[GSoC Daily Log]: Lazy Sunday

Sunday, 1st June 2014:

  • Updated VHDCI Footprint with larger diameter for plastic retainer and LQFP80 footprint with longer pads.
  • Searched for a good Hot-Air Soldering Station in India. Narrowed to 3 models. Will buy one from those. It would be required for PCB assembling later.
  • Read AD9984 I2C Configuration Information from its datasheet. Will need it for proper initialization and configuration of AD9984. It has insane number of registers! (60!)
  • Still waiting for samples to get approved.  Maybe delayed due to weekends? Once, they get approved and shipped, I'll update the schematic with the fixed voltage regulator requiring lesser number of passives (aka feedback resistors). Although, after schematic fix, the current design with ADP3334 also suffices, just that it uses in total 4 extra resistors.
  • Wrote a personal guideline for PCB:
    • Test Points: Absolutely Mandatory, esp. Voltages and I2C signals
    • Large pads
    • Independent (mutually exclusive) Power Supply Section

Apart from these, it was overall a lazy Sunday.

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