[GSoC Daily Log]: Got the DVI app note working

Monday, 16th June 2014:

  • Got the ported DVI App Note from Xilinx working after it refusing to work 6-7 times consecutively. Many slight errors
    • First, the value of CLKFX_DIVIDE and CLKFX_MULTIPLY for DCM_CLKGEN in case of static value is the actual numbers as in, but in case of dynamic value to be programmed, they are the actual values minus one! So, when I ported the code from dynamic programmed to static value, it led to my TV saying “Incompatible signal format”
    • Fixed it but, then I accidentally flipped the values of CLKFX_DIVIDE & CLKFX_MULTIPLY and so I was still getting the same error message on TV. Took some time to figure out that I had flipped the values.
    • The CLKIN_PERIOD of PLL_BASE was set at 13ns. Had to change it to 15.384 for it to work.
    • Rest were simple errors like TIMESPEC constraint not found due to unrouted BUFG Clocks etc. Were easily fixed.
  • Next job would be to capture and display the captured data on the HDMI

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