[GSoC Daily Log]: From CvPcb to Pcbnew!

Monday, 2nd June 2014:

  • Samples from Analog Devices Approved! (those from TI still in “Pending Approval” stage)
  • Did the footprint assignment in Cvpcb and PCB components placement  in Pcbnew. [Github Push]
    • Added the updated VHDCI footprint to the design
    • Added the longer pads version of LQFP80 footprint in a new project(vgaExp_v01_LongerPads.pro)
    • Did the component placement (almost same placement as previous design). <Rant> Took much time to accurately place all components at exact same place as in previous design. The KiCad doesn't have inter-window copy-paste version! Why o why? :( Eagle has this feature! Seems this is a frequently requested feature-request for KiCad and is also on the top priorities of their developers. So, there is some hope of seeing this feature soon! </Rant>
    • ToDo: Add Test-Points on PCB

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