[GSoC]: Trying out Atlys, Schematic creation & PCB Assembly

Not much to say this week. I've been trying out various programs on Atlys. Mostly, codes downloaded from Internet. The environment and toolchains are set up and working.
Made a schematic using Eeschema(KiCad) for the PCB. Next would be parts association and then PCB design. Almost all components are same as in previous design by Jahanzeb. One interesting thing is that, it seems that the VGA Expansion PCB designed by Jahanzeb should suffice. To that effect, I'm assembling a semi-assembled PCB, which came along with other components sent by Jahanzeb. I noticed some problems in the PCB but, overall it seems that it will work.
The project work has slowed down due to Semester Exams. But, I'll try to at-least assemble and test the PCB during any free time I take apart from studies. A working PCB would considerably reduce the efforts on the hardware side.

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