[GSoC] Official Start of coding phase

Today marks the official start of coding day of the GSoC. Unfortunately, I'm currently in midst of my End Semester exams and hence not able to relish the joy of starting work on the project. Instead, there is immense exam pressure. Sigh!

But, I'm not idle on this front either! Yesterday, I tried the I3C2 controller from Hamsterworks.co.nz. This project will be using some kind of I2C core to send initialization and configuration commands to the AD9984A IC. And, the I3C2 controller looks like a good option. So, I decided to try it in my spare break time during exam studies. Bit stream is generated, I just have to upload it on Atlys and test it with PCF8574, a GPIO Expander IC, suitable for testing the I2C controller. Will keep updated in this!

See you after exams. Got to go, bye!

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