[GSoC] Introductory mail for the Timvideos and HDMI2USB Mailing lists

Hello TimVideos Community!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce my GSoC Project 2014 to you! The project is “VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB on Digilent Atlys”

Project Description:
This project will add VGA capture feature to HDMI2USB by creating a new expansion board for HDMI2USB on Digilent Atlys Hardware. To use this, one would just have to connect the expansion board to the Atlys and select the VGA input using the switches, just like selecting the video source currently.

Currently the HDMI2USB can only capture HDMI video but the VGA interface is still extremely common. Adding VGA capture will mean the HDMI2USB project has greater reach.

This project includes PCB schematic, PCB layout design, BOM along with associated HDL updates to HDMI2USB firmware. It will have only minor impact to current HDMI2USB core as it will hook into the existing components like JPEG encoder, buffers and UVC USB components.

Project Proposal:

IRC Nick: rohitksingh @ freenode

About Me:
I’m a third year Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) student pursuing my undergrad in Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE) from Delhi Technological University (DTU), New Delhi, India. I love electronics, hardware hacking and tinkering. And, I’m very much a DIYer guy. Some of my past projects are Autonomous Ship Navigation System, Gesture Detection using Doppler Effect, Custom repository software, Home Automation using MSP430G2553 & CC2500. The most interesting project from these was BLDC Controller and Fuzzy Logic Controller as sub-systems of Autonomous Ship Navigation System.

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