[GSoC] Got a big Helping Hand!

I woke up this morning to find out that local postman had delivered a parcel to our house.  Found that it came from Jahanzeb,  the lead-developer of HDMI2USB  and contained many components which would be required for this project. My happiness knew no bounds!
Many Thanks to Jahanzeb for sending the components for this project!

Some pictures of components:


For those curious to know, I've made a Google spreadsheet of the components, and embedded it below:

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nZUVhfMuL537noGWUTVaKPb64JobxNJ_1_cs5jZQQm4/pubhtml

Most of the passives can be directly used in the project. The AD9984A IC, VHDCI connector, VGA connector would also be used directly in the project. Same for the voltage regulators. But, ADV7604 will be used maybe in a future project due to its excellent capabilities. I can't think of the use of the USB ICs for this project. They were probably part of another project of Jahanzeb.
Overall, I've got a treasure trove of components and a greatly reduced tension of sourcing some of the components for this project! #FeelingHappy

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