[GSoC Daily Log]: Its Alive!

Saturday, 31st may 2014:

  • Fixed the schematic for feedback circuit of ADP3334 adjustable o/p LDO IC for the line PD and VD [Github Push]
  • PCB Repairing/Fixing required for correcting the Power supply’s feedback circuit.
    • PD:
      • 1 Trace cut
      • 1 147k resistor removed and resoldered 180 degrees
      • 2 wire soldering fixes
    • VD:
      • 2 Trace cuts
      • 1 147k resistor removed and resoldered 180 degrees
      • 3 wire soldering
  • Connecting PCB to power supply:
    • It works! PCB Fix succeeded!
    • PD: 1.818V, Fine
    • VD: 1.818V, Fine
    • OVDD: 3.3V, Fine
    • Current: 13.6mA
    • AD9984A also gets warmer very slightly
  • I2C Scan Test: WoW! Board shows up in scan! Its Alive, folks! Hurray! 
    The AD9984A shows up in I2C scan with address as 4C (highlighted red)

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2 Responses to [GSoC Daily Log]: Its Alive!

  1. Photos of the "fixed up" PCB board would be great!

    How are you doing this I2C scan? (What tools?) Could you write a longer blog post describing how you are dealing with I2C and what tools you are using?

    1. Yup, I'll be writing a detailed post with pictures in the coming weekly log!



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