[GSoC] The Journey Begins!

Yaay! So, the biggest news of this week was that my proposal got accepted for this year's Google Summer of Code, GSoC - 2014! Hurray!

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I would be working on "VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB on Digilent Atlys" project. Tim from timvideos.us has been assigned my mentor for this project. He's very helpful & friendly, having guided me right from the start of proposal writing stage!

What the project is all about?

There is currently, an HDMI2USB hardware, which works in between an HDMI Source and HDMI Sink. It captures all video from the HDMI and sends it over USB to a PC, meanwhile forwarding HDMI to its intended destination.
The Goal of my project is to add VGA capture capability too, to the HDMI2USB hardware, by means of an expansion connector.

"This project will add VGA Capture feature using VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB on Digilent Atlys Hardware. VGA interface is still most common, hence it will provide greater reach to HDMI2USB project. This project envisages adding an expansion board along with associated HDL, with least modification to current HDMI2USB core while using most present components like JPEG encoder, buffers and UVC USB components. "
For complete proposal details, Kindly read here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PsLmT3gte-C6VqavAE_Rr6j7xiCB8Z-hmrBkQD8pVgg/edit?usp=sharing

What I've learnt and what will I learn:

I learnt immense new things the proposal writing stage, and its expected that I'll be learning almost 4 times of it during the actual projects phase. Most important thing that I've learnt till now is working & interacting in open source community. Which is quite an enriching experience!

For the successful project completion, few things are very important:
  • Sound technical knowledge regarding the project
  • Project Management skills
  • Documentation is *very* important [this blog being a part of it too :) ] 

Period of 21st April - 19th May:

This period is called "Community Bonding Phase" in which students get to know and interact with community members. Students joins related Mailing Lists, IRC Channels, set up blogs and prepare documentation format. Also, this time is generally used to setup the working environment & toolchains, perform preliminary tests, order hardware & components (for electronics projects) and be ready for the official start of the coding.

To this effect, I've already ordered the Digilent Atlys board, that I'll be using in this project. More hardware and components are required and going to be ordered soon! 

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